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The Grinch on the Shelf

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Have you heard of these two Christmas stories, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Elf on the Shelf? Well who hasn’t at least heard of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas? Most of you have heard of ether one. So this made me think. What happened if the two became one? The Grinch would think it was ingenious; well when his heart was no bigger than a peanut. So I came up with a story to go with it.

The Grinch on the Shelf.

Noah and Ember Tomte were out pre-shopping for Christmas in November. They were in search of “The Elf on the Shelf” book and doll for their four little unaware girls. For the last few years, they’ve heard and seen what other families do with their Elf on the Shelf, and though it would be a great new tradition to incorporate into their family’s holiday traditions.

As they walked through the department store, Noah spotted the end cap with all things Elf on the Self. He didn’t think much of it as they pushed their empty shopping cart over.  Ember looked over the setup and quickly grabbed the box that include the book and a girl elf, and tossed it right into the cart.  This was followed by a dull, gruff sounding, vocal “ouch!”, but it was met on deaf ears.  The Christmas music was on in the store, and the Tomte’s were in a hurry to finish their shopping to get home.  

When Noah and Ember walked over their home’s threshold, they were met with loud screams, laughter and some attitude. Their oldest Jenny, a 14 year old, hated that she had to watch her little sisters.  She always called them little demon children, but Ember was quick to tell her that she was the same way when she was their age.

Noah’s legs were quickly covered in 5 year old twins, Sadie and Sofia; side by side. The 3 year old, Eve, pranced in from the kitchen wearing her tiara and oversize tutu.  She looked up at Ember, and gave her the puppy dog look. Eve knew that they had gone shopping and wanted what they had.

The little puppy dog face quickly changed, as she realized what her dad had in his hand.  This was why the twins had pounced on their fathers legs. It was the box for the Elf on the Shelf. Even the teenager’s disposition had changed.

Noah tired as best he could to walk with the twins, but they were starting to tickle the backs of his legs; they wanted the box. All the girls had heard about the Elf and really wanted to get to it.

Suddenly Noah couldn’t stay up strait.  Eve had joined forces with the leg that Sadie was on, to knock their father down.  Without even thinking about where he would land, Noah fell back onto his but with a bit of a show.  It appeared to be so dramatic, and more a show for the girls.

The three younger girls pounced onto his chest laughing, squealing in joy, and grabbing for the box, as Ember and Jenny looked on in with tear filled eyes, from laughing so hard. Noah still managed to keep the box out their reach, until Ember came over and took the box away, and quietly walked over to the couch in the family room.

The three younger girls quickly got up and walked all over their father in a hurry to get to the Elf.  Noah was a poor puddle of a man, after Eve jumped on the family jewels.  Jenny kindly stayed behind to help peal her step-dad off the floor and guide him into the family room; to which he was grateful for the help. 

As Jenny and Noah walked into the family room the little girls were all quietly sitting around Ember’s now visibly pregnant body, waiting. They all wanted to be the one that opened the box and name the Elf.  Ember looked over to Jenny and Noah and nodded for Jenny to come in closer.

As Jenny got closer to her mom, she could see that the little girls were eager to see which elf was in the box.  They could barely contain themselves.

Ember handed the box to Jenny and said,” Why don’t you open it and name her?”

The room burst to into loud screams, and tears of protest, but Jenny was ready for it and secretly enjoyed that she was picked. She had already picked out a name for her; Peppermint.

As she started to open the box, she planned to announce the name to the whole family like a ceremony.  It made her think of the Lion King, when they showed baby Simba to all of the Animal Kingdom.

Jenny looked around into everyone’s face and without looking grabbed the Elf from the box and held it above her head and said,” I will name you . . . “ but the looks on everyone’s face made her pause.  They all looked confused, but not at her, but rather at the Elf in her hand. Jenny quickly looked up and said, “The Grinch?!”

“Da Ginch”, stated Eve, “Wha is da mama?”

“Our Elf on the Shelf”, replied Noah quickly. “He must have sneaked into the box in Santa’s Work Shop.”

The children all shook their heads in agreement and started to scream, and laugh again.

In unison the twins started to dance and sing, “We have the Grinch! We have the Grinch!”

Jenny brought the little, fluffy green toy closer for inspection.  This little toy was made with a lot of care to details.  The red suit and hat were sewn so well, that she could barely see where the seams were and the wrinkles that were formed from him smiling appeared almost real on his little green face.

Noah shrugged at his wife and said, “We can return him and get a little girl elf.”, but all the girls, including the teenager, started to scream no. They all wanted to keep him.

“I know that none of our friends have a Grinch.” Sofia screamed enthusiastically.

“Can we keep him.” Came from someone who said they didn’t care about Christmas; Jenny.

With that Jenny placed the Grinch Elf on the fireplace mantle and stood back with her family.  It kind of gave Ember the creeps, but since all the girls were in agreement for the first time ever, she didn’t want to go against that.

“Besides, he is different.  It’s nice to have another man around here.” Noah stated. This was met with giggles from both Ember and Jenny.

Little did they know. . .

(update 12/22/2013)

. . . what they really would be in for with this fluffy little Grinch.

That night, as Noah and Ember were putting the kids down for bed, everyone had forgotten about the Grinch on their fireplace mantel, all but the little princes Eve. 

"Bu Muma. E es goin be awone an scaward. Can da Ginch sweep wit me?" with a pout on her face as she pleaded her case.

Every night it was hard to get all the younger ones to bed and Ember was in no mood to fight. She sighed and walked out of the room, down the hall and into the family room where Noah looked like he was about to fall asleep watching TV.

The Grinch was still on the mantel.  Like he was going to move; came over her mind. She felt very silly for even thinking about it. 
"Hey Hon. What are you doing with him?" questioned Noah.

"Eve doesn't want this little guy left all alone tonight."  Ember said with a sigh. She felt bad for giving in, but she was so tired and was ready to go to bed. Noah nodded and went to the kitchen to clean up from dinner.

Ember waddled back to the little girls room where Eve shared with the twins.  She was due any day now and was really felling like it was time for these twins to be born. Twins again; she thought to herself. 

As Ember walked in, Eve's eyes were wide with joy. Not what she wanted to see personally.  She would have preferred her to be passed out. Then it happened. The twins saw what Ember had in her hand and they both started to protest.

"I want him to sleep with me! "exclaimed Sadie.  "Why does Eve get him?" followed Sofia.
This was getting to be the last straw of the night for Ember, but she took a deep breath and said, "Eve will keep him company tonight and tomorrow one of you will get to have him.  You all will take turns, or he will go back into the box and back to Santa's Toy Work Shop!"

She could feel her face turning red hot with the last comment about Santa's Work Shop, but then felt bad.  The girls all shut up and ducked under their covers. Ember felt like she may have pushed it, but was just to tired to apologies.  In the morning she would make it up to them, as she quietly walked out of their room and closed their door but just a little crack to allow the light from the hallway to spill in.

Noah was finishing up the dishes as Ember walked into the kitchen and leaned up against the fridge.  He looked over to his exhausted wife and handed her a cup of tea that he had just made for her.

"Lets go sit down and wait for those girls to pass out. You can even pick the movie." stated Noah as he gently put his arm around her waist and lead her into the family room.To Ember this ment she could pick a chick flick, which was a bonus for her. 

"I guess the Grinch wont be up to no good tonight. Not in the clutches of Eve the Princes Warrior." said Ember with a bit of a chuckle in her voice down at her tea. Noah started to laugh a little too. 

Ember had picked "You Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and what's her face. Ember could never remember, and she blamed it on the pregnancy this time, but they both feel asleep before the move was over.

Noah awoke to a little noise. Something had fallen down in the hallway, but when he shook the sleep out of his head he didn't hear anything else.  He didn't think much about it and nudge Ember to wake up, but it seemed like she wasn't going to move. This has been their lives lately.  The twins and Eve have been fighting every step of the way to go to bed and by the time they did, both him and Ember would have fallen a sleep on the couch waiting, but Ember was so pregnant they she just didn't want to get up to go to bed.  The twins in her, now very round belly, would wake up and start kicking up a storm if she moved this late in the night.

So instead they've barely have been making it to their own bed every night. Noah grabbed the large through blanket off the back of the couch and covered Ember, who had fallen a sleep in between his legs with her head on his stomach. He went back to sleep unaware of what made that noise that woke him and dreamily forgot all about it. 

The next morning, Noah was awaken by Eve's little finger poking his shoulder and met with puppy dog eyes. "Sum won took Ginchy away lass nigh." sadly stated Eve. Noah rolled Ember off him slowly and put his index finger to his lips with a ssshuuusssshh sound, and held Eve's little hand his.  He pointed towards the kitchen and then pointed back at Ember.  Noah got up with a few pops in his joints and with ache joints walked behind Eve towards the kitchen.

Then that's when he saw it.  What appeared to be the Grinch on the breakfast table, playing poker with the
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"Eve did you do this?" whispered Noah, but as he said that Eve pounced on the Grinch and squeezed him.  That was his answer.  She couldn't have done it.  Maybe it was Jenny.  She may have done it for them last night. He completely forgot to place the Grinch in a funny place or situation. Eve then squealed and grabbed the Lorax too. 

Noah didn't remember the girls having a Lorax, but pushed that thought out of his mind.  He was a military man and was always way with training and missions.  It may have been something that Ember had bought was he was gone.

The twins stumbled in from the bedroom hallway, rubbing their eyes, still half a sleep until they saw what Eve had in her clutches.  Noah braced himself for what was coming next and closed the door to the family room from the kitchen. In unison the twins exclaimed,"That's not fair!"

Noah started to shush to girls, but it was not working. So he went about making breakfast for the girls, as they started to bicker with each other.  Then Jenny came in and rolled her eyes and preceded to walk out to the family room where Ember was still fast a sleep.

"Thanks for setting up the Grinch and the Lorax last night." said Noah to Jenny as he nodded towards the three fighting little girls, but it was met with a confused look.  She looked at him, like he had lost his mind, and continued to walk out. Noah paused and thought about what he saw that morning, then he was bumped from behind. It was Sofia.  The girls were now pushing at each other.

Noah grabbed the Lorax, then the Grinch, and put them on top of the fridge.  This was met with loud protest from all three girls.

"Nope! You girls need to stop." said Noah and he went about making breakfast.  After that he completely forgot about the Grinch playing cards with the Lorax.

That is until the next . . .

(update 12/24/2013)

. . . package came from Nana Joy.  It was a few days before Christmas when they got the knock on the door.  From the mail man with a small package.  All the younger girls squealed with excitement to see what their Nana got them, that they had forgotten that the new born twins boys.  Diego and Dannel, were asleep in their parent's room, and were just a week old.  

The girls had been told that they needed to keep it down while they were a sleep, but this was a  hard request for all of them. Thankfully it seem that the boys would sleep through anything.  Even with the strange things that seem to only happen at night. 

Some nights, Noah would walk into the halls to a loud crashing sound, but when he went to investigate, all he would find were toys strewed out in the hallways, and assumed that he had just caught the little girls staying up later than they should have. 

There was even a night that he found cookies on the breakfast table and milk spill  on the kitchen floor, but again he felt that this was the little girls, maybe even the oldest one being mischievous.  On all these occasions, he passed it off and went back to bed. 

The twins were a lot of work, and both boys did not want to eat at the same time. So this made him and Ember both very tired parents; with very little patients and curiosity to investigate the late on goings of the house. 

Bring us back to the box now.  The sad soul to answer the door was the oldest, Jenny. The little girls were at her like petite ankle biting chiwawas. 

"Quickly open the box from your Nana, before these gremlins blow up, and wake the boys." exclaimed Noah to Jenny.

With much pleasure, Jenny opened the box, but with a bit of a sigh.  She showed the girls what their Nana had mailed them. It was a girl Elf on the Shelf. Noah figured that Nana Joy must have heard about the Grinch, and wanted to get them the correct one; that the girls had originally requested. 

Then this remind Noah of something.

"Where is the Grinch?" he questioned.  He had completely forgot about him and so did the girls; or so he thought.

"Ginchy e on da frige Dada." stated Eve as she pushed passed him and into the kitchen.  Everyone followed suit, but he wasn't where he had originally left him with the Lorax. The Lorax was there, but not the Grinch. 

"Eve? Did you take the Grinch." questioned Jenny.  Everyone looked right at her, but the look on her face was enough. She looked like she was about to cry.  Jenny handed Eve the new girl Elf on the Shelf and walked out with the twins, Sadie and Sofia, protesting about the exchange of the girl elf. 

Noah searched the kitchen for the Grinch, and finally found him. He was in the pantry, right next to an open box of Cheerios; with a few crumbs on his little red Santa suite. Again, he was to tired to care, and preceded to grab him. Before walking out to show the girls, he brushed the crumbs off and clean the kitchen up from breakfast. 

Ember walked, with both twin boys awake, into the kitchen to see the Grinch on the breakfast table, as Noah was cleaning up.

"Oh! I forgot about this little guy. You missed the girls naming the new elf.  Want to take a guess?" said Ember.

Noah shook his head. He was thinking that the girls would give it a ridiculous name like Monkey Toes or even Yellow Snow Flake. Oh God please let it be nice, kept running in his head.

"Christmas." exclaimed Ember.  Noah was relieved to hear that his girls came up with something much nicer. 

Then a loud noise in through the kitchen door. It was little Eve, all wide eye with excitement, until she saw the Grinch.  She stopped in her tracks. Then walked carefully up to him and snatched him right off the table. 

She cradled him and walked out of the kitchen, like he was a precocious package.

"Wa I tewl u Ginchy. Wen u dun puwaing u nee to go back." Eve was reprimanding the Grinch.  

Noah and Ember, both looked at her in confusion and then at each other. What was she talking about . . . to be continued.


03/13/2014 Update:

I know I haven't update this since December 2013, but I do plan on doing so, but not until maybe October/November time frame. 

But to be on the safe side, keep checking back. You never know. I may feel like Christmas in July and need to update about the "Grinch on the Shelf" I'm loving that a silly idea that I had, is the most popular post on our blog.

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